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Heather Warkentin

I grew up in the Fraser Valley schooled both conventionally and at home. I lived in Winnipeg during my post secondary years and received a bachelors degree from the U. of W, going on to work in a number of interesting places. I am a mother, wife, musician , artist, crafter, gardener, lifelong learner and now a democratic, free school proponent. 
I have grown up around unschooled and homeschooled families. Now growing my own family I am seeing the need for a public school alternative that would allow children to construct their own education and freely explore their interests in a collaborative, democratic environment.

Lara Kehler

I grew up as “un-schooled” through my elementary and high school years.  Unlike many of my other friends, I decided not to get my dogwood degree and as a young teen I pursued my interests in computers, dance, music and working within various family businesses.  In my mid teens I spent 4 semesters at UCFV earning my college prerequisites which I used to go to College in Winnipeg and received my Diploma of Structural Engineering Technology in the year 2000.  To this day I remain a very active learner both in the arts and sciences. I am ambitious in many areas of my life and enjoy the personal and professional changes that it brings, both as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

It is with so much hope and enthusiasm that I join forces with my life-long friends in “growing” the Fraser Valley Free-School.  I truly understand the benefits and unique advantages that this type of independently motivated learning can offer and look forward to cultivating a diverse and close nit community that supports it!

Andrea Gibb

After spending a year and a half in public school in grade 2-3, I became so depressed my mom (a teacher herself) pulled me out. I unschooled until grade 11 when I attended high school and graduated when I was 16. I went to the University of the Fraser Valley after and received a three year diploma in Graphic Design. I started my freelance career after university. Now I am a mother of two busy boys, an artist, and an entrepreneur.
I am excited to watch my boys learn and flourish as unschoolers as they discover their own passions and interests.

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